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Applications was founded in 2007 by Mr. Hossam Kamal, who is a certified system integrator and a sound advisor, with vast experience in technological solutions and Eng.Ahmed Wageeh, who is certified from KRONES AG Academy, Neutraubling, Germany with K. number K1006182 in Electrical Automation Field, We are group of Krones AG Experts in mechanical and Electrical Industrial services,

We had participated in more than 50 Projects of New Installation and Commissioning phases for KRONES Production lines (PET, Glass and Cans) all over the world (Egypt, Malaysia, Philippines, Algeria, Iraq, Nigeria, Mozambique, Ghana, Kuwait and more)

Our Experience ranges from 5 to 15 years among the industry of beverages and now we are expanding our Vision to provide a wide spectrum of services specific to the beverages manufacturing Industry.

Strategy :


We, at Applications, envision Customers getting the most out of their Investments. Our team will always be there to advise, install & wire innovative projects in a smart way. Applications will boost up any Industrial Tasks intelligently to a whole Stable level, We strive to always position ourselves as a leading company in Industrial Services.


Through honesty, integrity, punctuality, we ensure that all details are considered. We always aim at the highest standards of excellence, and establish the “Customer 4 Life” philosophy.

Our goal

Our goal is developing and maintaining excellent business relationships through:

  1. Superior customer and after sales services
  2. Efficient and reliable systems
  3. Competitive pricing

What we can do

  1. Electrical and Mechanical Installation and relocation for the production lines.
  2. Maintenance planning and managerial consultancy.
  3. Malfunction Troubleshooting and Commission Phases.
  4. Assisting In Run test and Retrofit Projects.

Business concept

We are leaders in installation and support to reach the highest performance and facilitate high productivity to facilitate the competition by strengthen you product existence and quality in the market.


Most of the customers in deep need to have strong and wise consultancy specially in the beginning of the investments also to have strong leaders during the project and to feel safe by strong technical support during the life time of the production line. You want to keep up with the technological age? We are here to make that happen.

Business Competitiveness

Our company strives to offer services which meet the highest quality standards of the market at competitive prices. We are aware that success demands a strong presence in the market in order to compete effectively. We believe that the greater the strength of the competitive drivers in the market, the greater the tendency for our company to globalize its concepts and services.

Business Opportunities

With our experience in the field of technology, we can make everything possible. Opening new business channels allows us to share our experience with everyone as well as benefit from their experiences. This leads to maintaining a win-win situation.

Business model

With our experience in industrial services and solutions, Applications offers you a standardized technical support that fits your expectations no matter what size your project. Our service can be implemented in stages as your needs develop, or the entire project can be implemented all at once. Our expertise lies in our approach to organizing your ideas using the following services: First we set up a consultation with you to hear your thoughts, and then we develop a design based on the outcome of our meeting. Once we agree on the right system for you, we then immerse ourselves in the details. Engineering, programming, Project management, installation, service and troubleshooting are put together in precise order, so that we can execute and deliver a high- performance, quality product that you will enjoy for many years to come. Applications have a long and ever growing list of satisfied Customers, including those for whom we implemented large-scale projects.

Our Projects :


  1. February, 2014-Nov 2017
Electrical service engineer at KRONES, Cairo, Egypt.

  1. August 2017: Electrical Supervisor PET line, Accra Brewery LTd., Accra, Ghana .
  2. July 2017: Electrical Supervisor Dry part Of PET line National Canned Food Product & Trade co., Sabhan , Kuwait.
  3. April 2017: Electrical supervisor Ergo block of PET line Coca-Cola, Bacolod , Philippine.
  4. Oct 2016: Dry part Commissioner During startup of PET line.Pepsi ,Baghdad , Iraq.
  5. May 2016: Dry part commissioning During Retrofit for Pet line, Pepsi, Tanta ,Egypt.
  6. May 2016: Dry Part commissioning of PET Line , Cocacola,Matola.
  7. SEP 2015: Embedded Engineer in PePsi Egypt, 6th of Oct., Giza, Egypt.
  8. APRIL 2015: Embedded Engineer in Coca-Cola (NBC), IKEJA, Nigeria.
  9. FEB 2015: Electrical supervisor in the electrical installation: supervise for a new production line in Tahrawy Group, Baskra, Algeria.
  10. August 2014: Participated in Mechanical and electrical modifications for a production line in BEYTI, Alex. Egypt.
  11. July 2014: Participated in the electrical Protocol Measurements for the new production line in Pepsi Tanta, Egypt.
  12. MAY 2014: Participated in the electrical installation for a new production line in Coca-Cola Enstek, Malaysia.
  13. Feb .2014: Participated in the electrical installation for a new production line in Pepsi Tanta, Egypt.

  1. November, 2012- February, 2014
Technical supervisor at CocaCola Egypt, Qalioub plant.

  1. January 2014: Participated in the construction of four production lines.
  2. Nov 2013: Participated in the construction of filler and blowing machine for HSL.
  3. JUN 2013: Participated in designing a PLC program for the Dasani production machine.
  4. January 2013: Participated in overhauling of two production lines.